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Jason Strober Has Maintained an Impressive Career in the Internet Marketing and Advertising Field

About Jason Strober

Jason StroberA software and online advertising expert, Jason Strober has over 14 years of experience in the Internet and capital industries. A native of northern California, Jason Strober attended Stanford University as an undergraduate student, earning his Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Sciences in 1990. With entrepreneurial ambitions, Strober returned to Stanford in 1993 to pursue his Master of Business Administration, which he received in 1995.

Armed with a strong understanding of technology and business, Jason Strober founded FocaLink Communications, Inc., in July 1995 with his colleague David Zinman. FocaLink was the first ad server company, blazing the trail for dozens of others. The innovative business and its co-founders were featured in Stanford Magazine, highlighting FocaLink as the premier remote ad server. To refine his original idea for the company, Strober consulted with key members of Internet market leaders including Intel Corporation and Microsoft. Jason Strober then wrote up the original business plan for FocaLink and secured the initial round of venture capital to pay for the development of the first ad server. Along with Zinman, he hired and oversaw the product management and engineering teams. The company changed its name to AdKnowledge in 1998, and one year later it was acquired by CMGI Inc. for over $200 million.

After his departure from FocaLink, Jason Strober worked as a partner for VantagePoint Venture Partners, a venture capital business that worked primarily with fledgling Internet marketing and infrastructure companies. Strober’s role with the firm was identifying opportunities and then sourcing and managing those deals. After working with VantagePoint Venture Partners for four-and-a-half years, he founded and served as CEO for TreasureGames, Inc., a skill gaming company based in Menlo Park, California. In just 18 months, the business became so successful that it was purchased by the London-based skill gaming network, GameAccount Network. Most recently, Jason Strober co-founded Swish Marketing (now called Unbent Media, Inc.), where he was the Vice President of Products, increasing annual revenues from zero to over $30 million in four years. Today, Jason Strober lives in Los Altos Hills, California, with his wife, Joanna.

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